XCode 2.2 and ruby’s mysql gem

The problem:

`gem install mysql` failed with a

can't find header files for ruby.
ERROR: While executing gem ... (RuntimeError)
ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

The problem seemed to be related with the fresh version of XCode 2.2, which introduces support for the intel architecture (Who needs that anyway).

Google Groups : comp.lang.ruby had the solution. Not pretty, but it works. Now one can continue hacking some RoR.

The new baselayout stable in Gentoo – Things to watch out for.

Gentoo has introduced the formerly ~testing baselayout as stable (Version 1.11.12). This introduces quiet a lot of changes to you system, so you will need to watch out for a few things. Especially the network part has changed – And definitly for the better, if you ask me. But your setup will need updating.

/etc/conf.d/net: This is where the most interesting stuff has happened. Check /etc/conf.d/net.example for, erhhh, examples. But if you have been running DHCP on eth0 all you would want in this file is

config_eth0=( “dhcp” )

Having a static adresse it is just something like the following instead:

config_eth0=( “”)
routes_eth0=( “default via” )

The greatest news if for those roaming around with wireless access though.

/etc/conf.d/hostname: Replaces /etc/hostname (Witch you should remove).
/etc/conf.d/domainname: Replaces /etc/dnsdomainname (Witch you should remove).

/etc/rc.conf: Stuff has been moved from here to other places. Check /etc/conf.d/clock if you use other than “UTC” as timezone. /etc/conf.d/consolefont and /etc/conf.d/keymaps has the rest.

All howtos moved to the latest setup

Pretty easy, as I just used the rendered HTML from my XML files.

But needles to say, my favorite editor is still going to be doing most of the work. Editing HTML (even with the helping “quicktags” buttons in WP) is not funny in an textarea tadalafil prices.

The old setup is still available at http://subversion.dk/svn/hilli/trunk/hilli.dk/. Check the source out with subversion if you want to have a look at it.