The new baselayout stable in Gentoo – Things to watch out for.

Gentoo has introduced the formerly ~testing baselayout as stable (Version 1.11.12). This introduces quiet a lot of changes to you system, so you will need to watch out for a few things. Especially the network part has changed – And definitly for the better, if you ask me. But your setup will need updating.

/etc/conf.d/net: This is where the most interesting stuff has happened. Check /etc/conf.d/net.example for, erhhh, examples. But if you have been running DHCP on eth0 all you would want in this file is

config_eth0=( “dhcp” )

Having a static adresse it is just something like the following instead:

config_eth0=( “”)
routes_eth0=( “default via” )

The greatest news if for those roaming around with wireless access though.

/etc/conf.d/hostname: Replaces /etc/hostname (Witch you should remove).
/etc/conf.d/domainname: Replaces /etc/dnsdomainname (Witch you should remove).

/etc/rc.conf: Stuff has been moved from here to other places. Check /etc/conf.d/clock if you use other than “UTC” as timezone. /etc/conf.d/consolefont and /etc/conf.d/keymaps has the rest.