USA, here I come

On tuesday I will be taking off on a two week vacation in (mainly) The State of California, USA, visiting Ulrik.

This is gonna be a new experience – Or deffinatly a quiet different one – to my useual vacations. Over the latest years I have been to Kazakhstan, Russia, Australia, Nederlande and Spain. That would all be place with a more relaxed attitude towards themselves (OK, I don’t know about the first two, since I don’t speak russian), so I’m a bit excited to see how the americans will take a bit of “abuse”.

Anyho – The schedule goes like this:

Somewhere in between we (I’m traveling with Michael) will go to San Francisco to have a look at the place. With a bit of luck we will be saying hello to Poul, who is working on his Ph.D. at Berkley. If you know your UNIX history, you will also be aware of this site’s involvement in the matter.

Other TODOs involve getting a Mac mini and the new iPod video – Can’t wait to get to fiddle with those toys.