Sony Computer to launch high-tech PS3 next spring

Sony is to launch PlayStation 3 (PS3), its next-generation, high-performance household computer game console, next spring, company officials said today at the E3 conference.

The new machine, which will have a higher performance capacity than most personal computers and provides sophisticated movie-quality images, will be priced at less than 50,000 yen (2746 kr.).

The release of PS3 is likely to intensify competition in the computer game market as Microsoft is set to release its next-generation computer game machine, Xbox360, at the end of this year.

PS3 uses a Cell, which is the world’s most advanced processor. SCE developed the Cell with Toshiba Corp. and it has 27 times the arithmetic capacity of modern personal computers.

It also uses a Blue-ray Disc-Rom, the next-generation DVD that enables users to enjoy large-capacity games. PS3 can connect to the Internet to play on-line games, and connect to TV sets and personal computers to project pictures taken on digital cameras.

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