Edwards Airforce Base, open house and airshow day

This was a good one. EAB is about 130 miles from Fullerton, and is one of those black holes on Google Maps. Apart from that it is a US Airforce and NASA test facility. And this week it was open for different kind of public relations, ending in an airshow open to the public (And free too).

So they had pulled what seemed to at least one of every thing they had, able to fly, out in the open. There was everything from A-10 to F-117. That is:

  • A-10 tank killer
  • B-1 long distance bomber
  • B-2 stealt http://cialisviagras.net/
  • B-52 huge (and old, but still the biggest) bomber
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon
  • F-22 Raptor (Hardcore fighter)
  • F-117 Stealth fighter

Some guys called Tora Tora Tora made quiet a spectacular show, trying to make it look like the bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1941. And a bit of dogfighting to go with that. The pyrotechnics they had to go with it was ok (Although the result was looking like LA smog). What was a bit annoying was the nationalistic narration of the hole thing.

The gallery has the pictures.

One thought on “Edwards Airforce Base, open house and airshow day”

  1. Couldn’t help but look at the awesome pictures from EAB.
    You also have some pictures of real old beauties like
    SR-71 Blackbird (The worlds fastest and highest flying aircraft…Or at least it was for a long time)
    U-2 Spyplane (Including pilot in spacesuit)
    F-4 Phantom (also sometimes referred to as wild weasel depeding on armament)
    This comment will probably move this page up on the CIA ranking :-)
    Enjoy your trip

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