Bike recovered again

Today I went with Brix to the place again, and we found the bike – 1,5 meters down the hill from the elevated road. A lot of pulling an pushing and some sweat later and we got the 200kg back on the road for some damage assesment before Falck (Road service) was there.

As far as I can judge it need to have replaced the following parts:

  • Handlebars
  • Front suspension
  • Front wheel
  • Front fairing
  • Front break disc
  • Ignition (As its totally gone)
  • Holder for ignition
  • Lower body fairing
  • Some parts of the rear fairing
  • Travelbags holders
  • Parts of the electrical system
  • Bit of side fairing below the seat
  • Maybe exhaust too, but I could not judge if it was dirt or scratches on it

Picture of the bike recovery at the usual location.

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