So you have got yourself a Mac

Handling the move from Linux to Mac OS X

I have recently acquired myself a Apple Mac mini, while being in Apple county (That is California). As one might suspect, as it is the only Mac to fit in the hand luggage (Laptops apart). Fortunately I got the secretly upgraded version with a 1.5 GHz G4. It also got fitted with 1GB RAM, now I was at it…

Complete story
in the HOWTOs section.

XCode 2.2 and ruby’s mysql gem

The problem:

`gem install mysql` failed with a

can't find header files for ruby.
ERROR: While executing gem ... (RuntimeError)
ERROR: Failed to build gem native extension.

The problem seemed to be related with the fresh version of XCode 2.2, which introduces support for the intel architecture (Who needs that anyway).

Google Groups : comp.lang.ruby had the solution. Not pretty, but it works. Now one can continue hacking some RoR.

SeaWorld (San Diego) visit

Americans must be picky about the weather. Fine by us, as we made it to the San Diego edition of SeaWorld on what probably is the only day this year with grey clouds, hanging over the whole state – And with an apparently very low turnout in the theme park. All good as we could go around without beeing boild, and no queues to any of the shows.

Killer Whales, Dolphins, Seals and Gentoo Penguins in the gallery.

Edwards Airforce Base, open house and airshow day

This was a good one. EAB is about 130 miles from Fullerton, and is one of those black holes on Google Maps. Apart from that it is a US Airforce and NASA test facility. And this week it was open for different kind of public relations, ending in an airshow open to the public (And free too).

So they had pulled what seemed to at least one of every thing they had, able to fly, out in the open. There was everything from A-10 to F-117. That is:

  • A-10 tank killer
  • B-1 long distance bomber
  • B-2 stealt
  • B-52 huge (and old, but still the biggest) bomber
  • F-16 Fighting Falcon
  • F-22 Raptor (Hardcore fighter)
  • F-117 Stealth fighter

Some guys called Tora Tora Tora made quiet a spectacular show, trying to make it look like the bombing of Pearl Harbour in 1941. And a bit of dogfighting to go with that. The pyrotechnics they had to go with it was ok (Although the result was looking like LA smog). What was a bit annoying was the nationalistic narration of the hole thing.

The gallery has the pictures.

Off we go

We got the Bluez (And hence GPRS) and decided to upload one of our pictures (Yesss, we are at it allready ;-).

DSB is in the process of moving us from Århus to Kastrup (CPH).

On Rails (And not the Ruby ones)

As the picture shows: We are doing fine (Send more money though, the DSB coffe is as expensive as it is bad :)

USA, here I come

On tuesday I will be taking off on a two week vacation in (mainly) The State of California, USA, visiting Ulrik.

This is gonna be a new experience – Or deffinatly a quiet different one – to my useual vacations. Over the latest years I have been to Kazakhstan, Russia, Australia, Nederlande and Spain. That would all be place with a more relaxed attitude towards themselves (OK, I don’t know about the first two, since I don’t speak russian), so I’m a bit excited to see how the americans will take a bit of “abuse”.

Anyho – The schedule goes like this:

Somewhere in between we (I’m traveling with Michael) will go to San Francisco to have a look at the place. With a bit of luck we will be saying hello to Poul, who is working on his Ph.D. at Berkley. If you know your UNIX history, you will also be aware of this site’s involvement in the matter.

Other TODOs involve getting a Mac mini and the new iPod video – Can’t wait to get to fiddle with those toys.